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hey guys! i have a 2007 truck with a 6l80e transmission. The truck has a 1-2 hard shift. and the 2-3 is slightly wonky.. 3-4, 4-5, and 5-6 are PERFECTLY SMOOTH. The tranny has stock tune on it so does the engine. Fluid and Filter was just swapped out with pan drop about 5 months ago..

This article will provide an overview of the 6L80E and its power handling capabilities, as well as a step-by-step guide to installing it in a variety of vehicles. The 6L80E can handle up to 685 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. Install the 6L80E transmission to the engine. Secure the bellhousing to the transmission and torque the bolts to the ...This article will provide an overview of the 6L80E and its power handling capabilities, as well as a step-by-step guide to installing it in a variety of vehicles. The 6L80E can handle up to 685 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque. Install the 6L80E transmission to the engine. Secure the bellhousing to the transmission and torque the bolts to the ...

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Replacing the Thermal Bypass Valve (thermostat) on GM 6L80 Transmission referencing TSB 21-NA-199. This Silverado went from running around 190 F to 145 F!!!...Nov 24, 2011 · I recently changed the transmission fluid and filter in my 09 Silverado 1500 to Amsoil ATF Low Vis. Before the change, I hadn't checked what the operating temps were, but during a 700 mile road trip I was averaging about 120-130 degrees for the first half of the trip, which seemed normal.Just replaced my 6L80 transmission in a 2016 Silverado LT 1500 4x4. On dash trans fluid temperature says -40. Did I purchase a Re man with a bad temp sensor possibly . Save Share. ... vehicle year and transmission if sending me a PM-thanks! Nick's Transmissions YT 6L80 Information ThreadWHAT BETTER PLACE TO TEST OUT THIS 6L80 MOD THAT DEALS WITH HEAT. TODAYS HIGH TEMP OUTSIDE IN DEATH VALLEY WAS 133F DEGREES. LOWER YOUR TRANS TEMP 30 -50 DEG...

6L80 Performance Transmission Complete Clutch Module - Level 3. Kit is designed with 45 tooth 4-5-6 clutch plates. This clutch pack provides 50% more surface area than a stock clutch set up. CDT's Billet 4-5-6 clutch hub and intermediate shaft (CDT part number 104680-45-P) is required in order to use this clutch pack.The 6L80, on the other hand, has a first gear ratio of 4.03, a second gear ratio of 2.36, a third gear ratio of 1.53, a fourth gear ratio of 1.15, a fifth gear ratio of 0.85, and a sixth gear ratio of 0.67. This means that the 6L80 transmission has a wider range of gear ratios, which allows for better acceleration and fuel economy.One of the key differences between the 6l80 and 6l90 transmissions is their size and weight. While nearly identical, the 6l80 is a slightly smaller transmission, with a total weight of around 195 pounds dry and 23.4″ in length. In comparison, the 6l90 transmission is about 1.5″ longer.Welcome back! We are finally covering the 6L80 Thermal Bypass Mods. There are 4 unique mods that we will be covering in this video including the updated GM T...

Jan 13, 2020 · Here are the most common symptoms of an overheating transmission: 1. Slipping. Slipping is a condition that occurs when the transmission revs higher than intended as the internal components fail to lock down on one another. An overheating transmission is the most common reason why a transmission will slip. 2.I show a teardown and inspection of a 2011 6L80 transmission in detail while covering all of the updates made to the transmission between 2007 and 2021. I al...Anyhow; once installed and up to temp, transmission stayed in the 144-147*F range in my 30 mile loop around suburbia in 45*F outside temps. ... I modified the thermal bypass valve on my 2016 Silverado 6L80E transmission using the Superior Transmission valve rebuild kit. My transmission fluid temperature around town used … ….

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When dry, the fluid capacity of the 6L80E transmission is between 12.2 and 12.4 quarts. Knowing the dry fluid capacity of your 6L80E transmission is essential for determining how much fluid to buy when it’s time to do maintenance on your car. 6L80E transmission fluid temperature sensorThis extra capacity heavy duty transmission oil pan fits GM 6 speed hydramatic 6L80, 6L80E transmissions. PML designed this pan for 2007 and newer Chevrolet and GM trucks and SUVs, such as these vehicles: Avalanche 1500, 2009 to 2014. Escalade, 2007 to 2014 and some 2015 and newer, V8 6.2L.

Order a custom 6L80 Performance Transmission Rebuild Kit Level 3 from Circle D Trans. Rated up to 750 RWHP. Free UPS Domestic Ground Shipping! Shopping cart (0) You have no items in your shopping cart. ... The ideal operating temperature for this transmission is 180°or less. These transmissions have a tendency to run very hot - the cooler ...Feb 21, 2024 ... Keep your 2014 - 2018 Silverado or Sierra transmission cooler ... Transmission Temperature Before and After on a 6L80 Chevrolet 1500 Check This ...Description. Superior’s part # STL-6L80E TransLab Engineered® 6L80E/6L90E valve body upgrade kit Corrects, Prevents, Upgrades and RETRO-FITS all 6L80/90 GEN1 & GEN2 valve bodies to GEN3 2014- up features without changing castings or plates. Product categories. Manufacturer.

kenmore coldspot ice maker GM Transmission RPO Codes: 6L80– MYC; 6L90- MYD; 4L60E- M30; 4L60E- M30; 4L60E- M30; 4L65E- M32; 4L80E- MTI; Every modern GM vehicle has one of these sheets in its glove compartment. Use it to verify the vehicle has a M30 4L60ENow, if the transmission is out of the vehicle (or if you don’t trust a sticker), the 6L80E has an 18 bolt case. gym rat 2k23landmark postfx settings Keeping the transmission temperature between 175 and 200 degrees will allow the fluid to last the longest. This is the normal operating temperature for a transmission. Remember the fluid is the life line or blood of the transmission. Damage to the transmission fluid begins at 225 degrees. v 4212 pill Nov 23, 2022 ... Superior Solutions 6L80 6L90 8L90 Sure Cool System Upgrade: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BCL9M23T?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2ov_dt_b_product_details. adelbridge san antonio texasap lang 2020 practice exam 1 mcq answerspet expo jackson tn PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/CurmudgeonTransmissionSupplier Links:Superior: https://superiortransmission.com/Transtar: https://www.transtar1.com/WIT: htt... indian arrowheads value C6 Tech/Performance - What is your normal operating temp for A6 transmission? - Since my ordeal with my transmission and the subsquent new trans, I've been monitoring my trans temps closely. I've ranged from 178-180 degrees (F) on open hwy at about one hour and a half to 180-185 degrees (F) in city driving within a... gun safe lowe'spolice2citizen calhoun countygrocery stores in decatur 6l80e fast learn procedure problem. I have read the stickys and researched like crazy. My issue is everytime I try and get it to do a fast relearn the scanner status says Temp Low. Ive logged trans temp in Celsius like the sticky say to and can only get trans temp up to around 79*c which is around 170*F. Stickys said mandatory of 70*+C.Jul 11, 2016 · The issue is the trans temps run 5-10 degrees hotter at around 205-210 at steady state. The car has a B&M Hi-Tech trans cooler with a fan mounted under the left headlight and the trans fluid in plumbed through the radiator. My tuner/builder has checked the transmission tune multiple times and assures me it is OK.